Rush: An Integrated Platform for Greek Communities

Rush Berkeley is currently available in the app store:

Rush is a comprehensive mobile calendar and guide for greek rush on university campuses. The app manages all rush events for a greek community organized by house or event time. The app also includes streetview directions to every greek house on campus. Apps have currently been designed for UC Berkeley, Washington University in St. Louis, and Duke University.

Rush was built natively for iOS and features Google Maps SDK for iOS.

Fantasy Debate

Fantasy Debate is a rankings and statistics project for high school debate in the United States. Fantasy Debate's database contains statistics on all debaters who competed between 2009 and 2013, spanning over 32,000 rounds. Rankings are derived using the ELO Rating System. Developed software to parse, standardize and analyze tournament results.

Fantasy Debate received 1st place at Northwestern Kellogg’s 2011 Entrepreneur Idol.

Laureldale Partners

Laureldale Partners LLC primary activities are to invest in distressed residential real estate property in the Westchester County and Greater New York City markets. I designed and developed the website for Laureldale Partners as freelance work. Site features a customized Clean Canvas bootstrap theme.

Website developed with Django Web Framework, Twitter Bootstrap, and deployed on Heroku.